Facial Exercises Routine To Tighten Your Skin

As facial muscles lose their elasticity, they begin sagging. The skin on top of them too eventually begins to sag and thins out. Lax, thin skin is more prone to wrinkles or folds. To improve the appearance of sagging skin without having to go under the scalpel or spend money on anti-aging lotions and creams that don’t seem to work, consider facial exercises that you can conveniently do at home. Just as normal exercise for your body tones up the muscles, so does facial exercise. A routine facial exercise for the forehead, eyes and cheek will strengthen the muscles in these areas.


Facial exercises for the forehead area

The forehead is the most likely area where folds and lines will begin to show and may make you appear old than your actual age. To firm your forehead muscles once again and achieve a taut skin, place your index fingers above your eyes for resistance and raise your brows up then pull your finger down. Fingers enhance resistance for toning muscles just like weight lifting equipment would do for your body muscles. You can repeat this exercise a few times for at least 3 to 4 times in a week for improvement.

Eye exercise

Aging on the eyes presents itself in the form of thin lines on the eyelids or on the sides of the eyes often referred to as crow’s feet. The skin around the eyes is considerably thin and any muscle relaxation beneath it means pronounced wrinkles or fine lines. For maximum skin firmness on your eyelids and surrounding eye area, start by closing your eyes and rest your finger tips on the temples. Next, move your eyelids in different directions with your fingers on your temples all the while. Continue this for at least 20 seconds. You can consider taking this routine exercise for your eyes at least thrice per week for notable results.

Cheek exercise

Sunken cheeks don’t look youthful because of the skin’s sagginess. Regular cheek exercises can however improve the cheeks volume and maintain the skin’s firmness. Full, toned cheeks have a youthful appeal. If you are irritated by your saggy cheeks every time you look in the mirror, consider simple cheek exercises for at least 3 to 4 weeks for optimal results. To do this, trap air inside your mouth and shift it from one cheek to the other for at least 50 seconds. Taking this exercise for five minutes in a day should give you firm muscles and tighten up the skin around the cheeks.

Facial exercises reduce muscle tension which gives you a general relaxed look. Always remember to take facial exercises while you are in a relaxed position to ensure that lax muscles supporting wrinkling skin are worked out effectively. Strict follow-up of your facial exercise routine will improve blood circulation and give you firmer muscles for a taut youthful skin. You should however not be tempted to overdo your facial exercises. A maximum of three days of exercise with reasonable sessions per week is enough to help your facial muscles rest and rebuild for a firmer skin.